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The Mystwick School Series

Set in a world where music creates magic and every song is a spell, this series follows Amelia Jones and her friends at the legendary Mystwick School of Musicraft. This multi award-nominated, bestselling series is one of Audible's Top Ten Most Listened-To Children's Books of all time!


The Ruby Code

When young gamer Ash discovers Ruby, a sentient AI disguised as an NPC in his virtual reality game, the two must go on the run through futuristic NYC to escape the ruthless programmer who wants Ruby back...

The Skyborn Series

In Ellie's world, everyone is born with wings--but flying free is forbidden. This high-soaring fantasy is packed with adventure, action, heartbreak, and secrets. Take flight for the Clandoms today!

The Corpus Trilogy

This trio of loosely-connected standalone novels follows the nefarious exploits of Corpus, a mysterious biotech company, and the teens endangered by their various experiments all around the world.

The Forbidden Wish

This Aladdin retelling comes with a twist--it's told from the point of view of the jinni... and she has her own story to tell. Romantic and lyrical, this is a fairytale you haven't heard before...

Last of Her Name

Inspired by the legend of Anastasia Romanov, this space-set story is packed with action, incredible worlds, and a plot twist you will NOT see coming!

Rise of the Dragons 2:
The Lost 

The sequel to Angie Sage's Rise of the Dragons, this story continues the adventures of Joss, Allie, and their dragons as their worlds collide and new adventures unfold...

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