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Some destinies are written in stone. Hers is written in the stars...



Sixteen years ago, rebellion swept the galaxy known as the Belt of Jewels. Every member of the royal family was murdered--down to their youngest child, Princess Anya--and the Union government rose in its place. But Stacia doesn't think much about politics. She spends her days half-wild, rambling her father's vineyard with her closest friends, Clio and Pol.

That all changes the day a Union ship appears in town, carrying the leader of the Belt himself, the Direktor Eminent. The Direktor claims that Princess Anya is alive, and that Stacia's sleepy village is a den of empire loyalists, intent on hiding her. When Stacia is identified as the lost princess, her provincial home explodes into a nightmare.

Pol smuggles her away to a hidden escape ship in the chaos, leaving Clio in the hands of the Union. With everything she knows threading away into stars, Stacia sets her heart on a single mission. She will find and rescue Clio, even with the whole galaxy on her trail.

"Khoury’s stellar Anastasia retelling shines bright as the stars... Along with the fresh take on a beloved classic tale, this delivers staggering world building, a thrilling plot, and a compelling cast of characters. With a winning trio of intrigue, royalty, and rebellion set in space, Khoury’s book does not disappoint."

-- Booklist

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