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  • Will there be a sequel to The Mystwick School of Musicraft?
    Yes! The sequel is called The Midnight Orchestra and it will come out on audio in Winter 2021 (with full orchestration, just like the first book), and in hardcover Spring 2022!
  • Will there be a sequel to Rise of the Dragons: The Lost Lands?
    I don't know! The series is written by a different author for each book, so I am not sure if the adventures will continue or not. Your best best would be to write to Scholastic and ask them if they plan on putting out more books in this series.
  • Will you write more books about Corpus?
    The Corpus trilogy is complete! There will be no more stories featuring any of these characters. However, you may visit my Wattpad account to find some free short stories set in the Corpus universe.
  • Does it matter which Corpus book I read first?
    No! The Corpus trilogy is a set of standalone novels loosely linked to each other--so it does not matter which book you read first, or what order you read them in. You will find small connections between them but each book is set in a new place, featuring a new cast of characters.
  • How can I become published?
    There are many ways to get published, including self-publishing, but I can only offer advice about the way I was published: by a traditional publisher through the "slush pile." These are the steps I followed: 1. Finish a manuscript. This is very important. Until your novel is complete, has been edited and polished, and maybe even critiqued by other writers, it is not ready to be submitted anywhere. Focus on finishing your book before you begin the publication process. 2. Submit to agents. This is done by writing a "query letter," a one page synopsis of your book, which you send to literary agents, usually by email or online forms. For more info on writing the perfect query letter, visit, and These websites taught me everything I know about writing queries and submitting them to agents. 3. After going through the querying process and finding your agent (yay!), your agent will then become your guide and representative in the publishing industry. They can submit your book to editors at publishing houses, help you navigate book contracts, and many other things. They're invaluable partners in your publishing journey. NOTE: Agents work at around a 15% commission, meaning they make no money until YOU do. If an agent ever charges you fees in advance of selling your book, they are likely a scam agent preying on you. For more info about scam agents and other dangers in publishing, visit Good luck! :)
  • Where do you get your ideas?
    I never know where a new story idea will come from. I've gotten ideas from art, movies, reading other books, experiences in my own life, and even from riding on roller coasters! As a writer, I constantly ask "what if?" "What if" the zombie apocolypse broke out while I was on vacation at the beach? How would I survive? "What if" a girl woke up one morning and discovered she'd turned invisible, and couldn't figure out how to turn back? "What if" is your most powerful tool when it comes to inventing new story ideas, closely followed by "What happened next?"
  • Will you read my book and give me advice about it?
    For legal reasons, I cannot read ANY work sent to me--whether it's a full manuscript, a few chapters, or even fan fiction about my own books. Instead, I encourage you to reach out to other bookish people in your life, whether they're writers or readers, or to check out writing groups at your local libraries and bookstores or even online. There are lots of people who might trade manuscripts with you to exchange critiques!
  • Will any of your books be made into movies?
    Authors have almost zero control over whether their books are made into movies, and I'm no different. Right now, none of my books are being developed as films. But of course I'd love to see them on the big screen too! The best way to see your favorite books become films is by spreading word about them. If a book becomes very popular, often it will catch filmmakers' attention.
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